Got questions? Here we have the answers to the most common questions we’re being asked on social media and via email. Just click on the question below to reveal the answer:

Will you be running classes all year ’round?

As of February 2024, we have no plans to schedule any more classes, beyond what is currently available here on this site and over on Humanitix. This is partly to do with our teachers being in high demand as actors, writers and directors, so they are difficult to schedule to teach outside of their industry work during the year, but also because after June, our focus fully shifts to writing, casting, rehearsing and staging our two major theatrical events on the Montsalvat grounds in the second half of 2024.

Are you doing any other projects outside of this program in 2024?

As the new resident Performing Arts facilitators at Montsalvat, our focus is primarily on the classes and events we are running there for the next calendar year. That said, we are releasing two new digital series in 2024 – the third season of Walking Shadows and the new series Dark Arcadia, so you’ll be able to see our work in that arena online and hopefully IRL at film festivals (fingers crossed!). Incognita Enterprises is also spending this year developing our first full TV series, so we do have irons in other fires. But we are predominately based at Montsalvat for at least the next 12 months – and couldn’t be happier about it!

Do your teachers teach private classes?

Most of our teachers do teach privately, either in person or online (via Zoom and the like). If you’re interested in taking private classes with any of them, just reach out to us via our Contact Form, letting us know which teacher you’re interested in working with in that capacity and we’ll put you in touch!

What is an “Auditor”?

Being an “auditor” in the acting workshop world has nothing to do with tax or financial bookwork! It means being an observer of the class and having an opportunity to learn by watching, listening and taking notes, while being in the space with the teacher and participants. Put simply – you get to see the teacher in action and watch them work with the participating students in the class – thereby learning by osmosis.

Auditing any of our classes that offer Auditor Passes gives you the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into our teachers’ technique training, pick up useful tips about acting technique, the rehearsal process, script analysis and more, all without the pressure of actually being up on the floor.

This is one of the greatest benefits of auditing classes. Without the pressure of being a participant, you can sit back, take notes and absorb the lessons like an acting sponge. All our teachers’ training is direct, engaging and extremely practicable, meaning that even if you’re not participating, you will still take away numerous lessons that you’ll be able to apply to your own craft straight away. Just remember to bring along a notepad and pen, because you won’t want to miss any of their insights!

Auditing any of our classes provides curious actors, or even those just curious about acting, with the opportunity to see how a class runs, how students apply the training, how our teachers work with the students, as well as being a great way to meet some new acting buddies, as well as expand your own knowledge, as auditors sit with participants in the space, so we’re all in this together!

We hope this provided you with a bit of insight into what fun, fascinating and awesome learning experience auditing our classes can provide.

If you’re interested in auditing any of the classes that offer that option on our current schedule, head here to see what’s on offer and book your spot! https://events.incognitaenterprises.com/events/tag/auditors/

We look forward to seeing you in class!

What’s your refund policy on tickets?

Refunds of 100% of the ticket fee are available up to 10 days before the event or class. If cancelling after 10 days before the event or class, due to change of mind, only 50% of the ticket fee will be refunded. Exceptions to this rule can be made if cancelling due to illness, but a copy of a signed medical certificate will need to be provided to enable the full refund.

Full refund, less the booking fee, is available should the event be cancelled by us for any reason. If you cannot attend the event or class you booked for, but would like to transfer that ticket fee into a credit note for future events or classes, that can also be organised, if that is your wish.

Haven’t covered what you’re looking for here? Reach out to us via our Contact Page.